Omicron- Origin, Symptoms, Vaccine effect, Precautions


Omicron: The Next Weapon of Covid

This article throws light upon the recently discovered variant of Covid-OMICRON. All your questions related to this variant have been answered here. A positive approach is necessary rather than a panic episode.

What is Omicron?

Omicron is a new variant identified for the SARS-CoV-2 virus or Covid. The World Health Organization has designated it as a variant of concern and named it Omicron. Recently it has been identified in South Africa.
The lineage of this variant is figured as B.1.1.529, and the term Omicron is derived from the Greek language. It may have a more transmissible power than other variants as per preliminary tests.

Emerging of Covid -19

Covid-19 or coronavirus has emerged worldwide as a deadly pandemic at the end of 2019. It originated in China and spread worldwide to countries. Eventually, many variants of covid-19 have been found along with mutations and different populations. Millions of people worldwide have suffered from thi,s while many people have died.
Lockdown was imposed in most countries to contain the spread of this virus. Although with time, vaccines were available for getting relief and boosting immunity.

Covid and Omicron

Omicron is a variant of the virus Covid or SARS-CoV-2. It has been detected as a widely different, weird, or dangerous variant from other variants like Delta or Alpha.
However, studies are still in process for getting information about the transmission power of Omicron. Soon a clear picture would be in front of all of us.

Origin of Omicron: South Africa

The Omicron variant was detected first in South Africa in the last week of November 2021. South African authorities have fastened their testing process and issued new guidelines for the country and neighboring regions.
It published a journal related to the symptoms of Omicron, and possible research has been initiated to collect data and evidence for the strength of this new variant.
After South Africa, the variant was reported in many other countries.

  • Australia detected Omicron in 2 passengers who arrived from Africa.
  • Italy caught five people positive for Omicron.
  • Germany found two travelers from Africa positive for this variant.
  • Netherland tested many people positively
  • Britain detected more than two cases
  • Isreal tried a case positive
  • Hong Kong reported two cases
  • Botswana also suspected cases
  • Belgium, Switzerland, Canada also reported omicron cases.
  • India also lately reported two cases of Omicron.

Possible symptoms that may indicate Omicron

So far, the South African health authority has flagged very mild symptoms. Till now, no poor saturation cases have been reported. Commonly seen symptoms are the same as other variants like :

  1. Scratchy throat
  2. Tiredness,
  3. Mild loss of smell or taste,
  4. Headache,
  5. Body pain, fever, or congestion.

WHO’s statement regarding Omicron

WHO is keeping an eye on worldwide data and has asked countries to contribute to the collection and sharing of hospitalized patient data through the WHO covid-19 clinical data platform. WHO is working with partners worldwide to collect evidence regarding the transmission power and effectiveness of vaccines.
Although through the preliminary research, WHO has advised following the Covid protocol as this variant could be easily transmissible. People must not avoid vaccination and do wear a mask in public places.

USA and Omicron

Two confirmed cases of Omicron have been reported in the USA. The country has tightened all the travel norms, and passenger transportation from Africa has been restricted. The testing rate has been increased, and people are advised to follow Covid guidelines strictly.
The government has advised people not to panic and follow the covid protocol.

Significance of Vaccines in the current scenario

Yes, available vaccines are helpful enough to build good immunity against various variants of Covid. WHO advises the same.
Precaution is the only cure until we get all the data confirmed.

Age group vulnerable to Omicron

The senior age group is at more risk of getting Omicron. People above 40 years of age are more exposed to this variant.
However, precautions must be followed by each one, as younger people are often affected. The second wave was proof of such fact.

Influence on India and other Asian regions

Developing countries have also started reporting these cases. Testing rates have been increased, and there is constant monitoring. Restrictions have been placed on international airlines, especially from Africa.
Many countries worldwide are scrambling and keeping a close watch over patients reported. India reported two cases recently, which spread a wave of panic and fear.

RT-PCR reliability in detection of Omicron

Yes, as far now, RT-PCR does efficiently detect the presence of Omicron variant in samples. Eventually, much information has been collected on various types of variants of covid.
Detection of the Omicron variant is quickly done by the RT-PCR method.
Omicron is identified by an S-gene deletion which is unique and detectable.

Needful precautions to remain safe from Omicron

Follow all Covid guidelines. Wear a mask in the crowd, and sanitize your hands frequently.
Get yourself vaccinated and go for a test at once if you feel sick.
Isolate yourself immediately if you experience fever or cough. Keep your responsibility of containing the spread of the virus among a more significant number of people.

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  1. At least eight U.S. states now have at least 20 cases of the highly mutated omicron Covid-19 variant after Nebraska, Maryland and Pennsylvania all confirmed infections Friday.

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