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What is Adderall?

Adderall is a brand name for a combination of two medications called amphetamine and dextroamphetamine. In the United States, Adderall is sold as a prescription anti-ADHD drug. People buy Adderall online for the management of narcolepsy as well. 

Adderall XR helps you to organize your tasks and improve your listening ability. In the case of sleep disorders like narcolepsy, the drug enables you to stay awake during the day. 

  • Generic Name: Amphetamine and dextroamphetamine 
  • Brand Name: Adderall 
  • Drug Class: CNS stimulant 

Adderall works on the root cause of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) & narcolepsy in order to produce relief in a shorter period of time. People also use Adderall 60 mg Adderall xr for recreational purposes; however, it’s an off-label use.

Adderall Mode of Action

Amphetamine & dextroamphetamine belong to a group of medications known as CNS stimulants. These central nervous system stimulants are popular for increasing the ability to pay attention; stay focused, and control behavioral problems. In the same way, Adderall affects certain unbalanced chemicals inside the brain and nerves and treats ADHD. 

Important Information about Adderall

In the United States, Adderall is a common drug of abuse and can lead to drug dependence if taken improperly. People with a history of stimulant abuse or Adderall addiction should take some crucially essential precautions. 

So, while using such types of stimulants, make sure you have them correctly. And, to do so, you need to know about certain facts that can help you get the higher benefits of Adderall generic. Please read the following FAQs to understand how to take Adderall and avoid its side effects. 

What to know before taking the Adderall pill?

Adderall is not good to use with MAO inhibitors like isocarboxazid, phenelzine, selegiline, and linezolid. This combination may come with critical health concerns in your body. So, please do not mix them and avoid taking Adderall for up to 15 days after using an MAO inhibitor. 

People who have a history of depression, bipolar disorder, and mental illness are at higher risk of having severe health problems if they use Adderall. That’s why; you should not use such high-potential drugs if you have a mental disorder. 

Stimulants like Adderall have caused stroke, heart attack, and even death in people with severe health conditions like heart disease, heart defect, and high blood pressure. So, make sure you don’t have any of these diseases. 

Contact your doctor or pharmacist without delay if you have signs of heart problems like; feeling lightheadedness, chest pain, and shortness of breath. Simultaneously, symptoms of psychosis such as aggression, paranoia, and behavioral issues should also not be avoided. 

Do not use Adderall if you are allergic to amphetamine or types of amphetamines and dextroamphetamine, or any other ingredient found in Adderall. 

Active ingredients: Amphetamine and dextroamphetamine 

Inactive ingredients: Microcrystalline cellulose, lactitol, colloidal silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, etc. 

How to take Adderall?

It is always crucial to take Adderall in its proper way and follow all necessary precautions about Adderall. Never forget to read your prescription label or drug guide while initiating treatment with CNS stimulants. 

Read the following tips to take Adderall properly;

  • While initiating the ADHD treatment, start with the lowest possible dose and try to discontinue the medicine in a minimum number of days. 

  • Take your daily amount of Adderall in divided doses in order to avoid an overdose. Taking Adderall in massive amounts in one go can be dangerous for you. 

  • Do not take the Adderall pill for a more extended period than prescribed; it can lead to drug dependence. More frequent doses can also harm your mental health; please take them at regular intervals. 

  • You may take Adderall generic tablets and capsules orally with or without food. Taking Adderall with food reduces the risk of side effects. 

  • Do not stop taking Adderall suddenly; this can cause certain unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. 

  • Always buy Adderall Online from a trusted online pharmacy to get a genuine product. 

Adderall Dosage

Usual Adult Dose for ADHD

  • Immediate Release Form;

Initial Dose: 5 mg orally (once or twice a day) 

Maintenance Dose: You may increase your dosage amount with no more than 5 mg at a regular interval of one week. 

Maximum Dose: 40 mg per day (in rare and more severe cases only) 

  • Extended-Release Form; 

Initial Dose: 20 mg orally (once a day) 

Usual Adult Dose for Narcolepsy

  • Immediate Release Form;

Initial Dose: 10 mg daily (in divided doses)  

Maintenance Dose: You may increase your dosage amount to no more than 10mg at a regular interval of one week. 

Maximum Dose: 60 mg per day (in specific and severe conditions only)

What to avoid while taking the Adderall pill?

If you are using Adderall or looking to initiate treatment with a stimulant like amphetamine or dextroamphetamine, you should avoid doing the following things;

Mixing alcohol with Adderall: The combination of Adderall and alcohol can be dangerous for you. Please do not take them together. 

Breastfeeding: Breastfeeding after taking Adderall can be dangerous for your baby; it can produce drug withdrawal symptoms in your newborn baby. So, do only one thing at one time, either breastfeed or take the drug. 

Driving: Sometimes, Adderall can produce drowsiness that is never good for driving and even operating machinery. So, avoid driving after taking Adderall. 

Vitamin C and fruit juices: Avoid taking vitamin C and fruit juices after receiving a dose of Adderall. 

Adderall side effects 

Like other drugs, Adderall can also cause certain side effects even when used correctly. However, these side effects are rare and occur only in specific cases and conditions; you still need to know about them.

Adderall's Common side effects

  • Loss of appetite

  • Stomach pain

  • Weight loss

  • Fast heart rate

  • Sleep problems

  • Dizziness, etc.

Adderall has Severe side effects

  • Signs of heart issues – trouble breathing, chest pain

  • Symptoms of psychosis – behavioral problems and hallucination, aggression, paranoia.

  • Symptoms of circulation problem – pain, cold feeling, unexplained wounds, and skin color change

  • A seizure

  • Muscle twitches         

  • Changes in your vision

Common side effects are not so dangerous, and they will disappear on their own after some days. Contact your doctor/pharmacist immediately if you experience any severe side effects of Adderall.

What drugs can interact with Adderall?

Certain drugs can interact with Adderall and produce life-threatening results. Do not use the following drugs while taking Adderall;

  • Opioids

  • CNS stimulants 

  • Herbal products 

  • Drugs for migraine 

  • Any other medicine that works on the brain 

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Adderall alternatives

The available alternatives of this medication include an Adderall generic version that comes as dextroamphetamine (Adderall XR) and amphetamine, Vyvanse (Lisdexamfetamine), and Methylphenidate (such as Daytrana, Concerta, Metadata CD, Jornay PM, Ritalin LA, Quillivant XR, Quillichew ER).

Adderall vs meth

Both drugs stimulate the brain, but Adderall is more widely prescribed because it is safer than Methamphetamine. Due to the addictive components found in meth, people mostly misuse it as a recreational street drug. Doctors usually prescribe an Adderall 20 mg pill for safer initial treatment or an Adderall 30 mg pill.

Vyvanse vs Adderall

The primary difference between both CNS stimulants is that Adderall is an amalgamation of four different amphetamine salts. At the same time, Vyvanse consists of only one type of amphetamine salt, known as Lisdexamfetamine. After getting inside the body, Lisdexamfetamine converts into dexamphetamine.

Ritalin vs Adderall

Ritalin is a fast-acting CNS stimulant that contains addictive components with more side effects than Adderall. Ritalin functions sooner and achieves peak performance more rapidly than Adderall. However, Adderall stays active in the system longer than Ritalin. Also, Adderall serves for four to six hours while Ritalin is active only for two to three hours.

Adderall and alcohol

One should not take alcohol while taking treatment for Adderall as it can cause severe side effects. This condition applies to people taking Adderall under medical prescription and those who misuse it. However, magnesium, vitamin E, and vitamin D are some supplements to take with Adderall.

Adderall withdrawal

Adderall withdrawal may strike if you suddenly discontinue this drug, and the symptoms may include nausea, stomach ache, cramping, sleeping difficulty, unusual tiredness, depression, irritability, or mood changes. So, always consult your medical healthcare provider before stopping any medication, as they may help you tamper the doses or lower down the amount gradually. For example, if you take Adderall XR 30 mg, your doctor may prescribe you Adderall XR 20 mg or a lower dose.

The easiest way to get prescribed Adderall

The easiest way to get prescribed Adderall is to set up an appointment with an excellent medical healthcare provider and tell your condition in detail. If your medical problem requires this drug, the health expert will prescribe it to you or any other CNS stimulant suitable for you. Your pharmacist can even provide you 60 mg Adderall XR depending upon your prescription.

FAQs (Frequently asked questions)

(Q.1) How long does Adderall stay in your system?

Adderall stays in various body parts for different time durations, such as in urine for 4 to 6 days, it is detectable in the blood for up to 72 hours, in saliva for almost 20 to 50 hours, and in your hair for nearly three months. There are several responsible factors behind the length of time it sustains in the system, such as pH level, body weight, your frequency of taking the doses, drug form and strength, and last use.

(Q.2) How to get rid of Adderall's tongue?

You can get rid of the adderall tongue by following some easy measures such as staying hydrated, chewing sugar-free gum, taking frequent sips of water in a day, using artificial saliva with the help of sprays, lozenges, or gels. Also, while taking Adderall, avoid using caffeine, tobacco, and alcohol consumption.

(Q.3) Is adderall a controlled substance?

Adderall is one of the most potent drugs that is federally controlled under schedule II of the controlled substances (CII) as per the United States Controlled Substances Act. Because of its addictive components, abuse of this drug can result in physical and psychological dependence. However, taking adderall in high amounts can cause addiction.

(Q.4) Can you overdose on adderall?

Taking Adderall or any other CNS stimulant in excessive amounts or for an extended period than prescribed can lead to overdose. It is a stimulant medicine; hence the overdose symptoms may include agitation, hallucinations, hyperactivity, rapid heartbeat, panic attacks, overactive reflexes, pain in the muscles or abdomen.

(Q.5) Can you snort Adderall?

It is possible to snort Adderall, but that comes with several dangerous risk factors such as an overdose or even death. Rather than snorting this drug, you should take the whole pill as per the instructions of your medical healthcare provider. If you snort Adderall, you may experience headaches, tremors, fatigue, dizziness, dry mouth, stomach pain, fever, nausea, vomiting, or changes in desire or ability to have sexual intercourse.

(Q.6) Where to buy Adderall?

Being an effective and popular drug, Adderall is available at several local pharmacies and online stores. You can buy Adderall online from a trusted website like our Adderall pill, either with or without a prescription. A prescription from your medical healthcare provider, if required, usually while purchasing Adderall from any local pharmacy.

(Q.7) Can you get addicted to adderall?

It is possible to get addicted to any CNS stimulant drug such as Adderall as these medications contain addictive components. You may avoid the risk of physical or psychological dependence by taking Adderall as per the dosing schedule, drug form, and strength your medical healthcare provider prescribed.

(Q.8) What category of drugs does adderall fall under Quizlet?

Adderall belongs to a category of drugs, namely CNS stimulants. The medications belonging to the central nervous system stimulants family help control and align most of the body and mind functions. They increase the specific brain chemicals that further increase attention, alertness, energy, and physical activity.