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What is Demerol?

Demerol is a popular pain-relieving drug sold as a brand version of Meperidine. It is a very powerful painkiller and has the potential to treat moderate to moderately severe pain. Clinically, it's not approved to treat chronic pain.

People can buy Demerol online when other non-opioid pain relievers are not effective enough. As mentioned earlier, Demerol is not approved for chronic pain; it should only be used as short-term pain management. Doctors also use Demerol before or during medical surgery or other procedures.

  • Brand name: Demerol
  • Generic name: Meperidine
  • Drug Class: Narcotic Analgesic

Demerol is a prescription drug in the United States, and you can buy it only after taking a prescription from your doctor. Doctors charge a considerable amount for such prescriptions, and it can be challenging to purchase Demerol from local pharmacies. On the other hand, our web pharmacy offers a free prescription for your product and delivers it to your door.

Mode Of Action

Demerol belongs to the opioid family of drugs, also known as narcotic analgesics. Demerol works in your brain to change how you experience and act against the pain. The actual mechanism of action for Demerol is not known, but it works somewhere in the human brain and breaks the communication between the brain and sensory nerves.

Important Information

If not appropriately taken, Demerol can be as dangerous as beneficial. That's why it becomes crucial to take Demerol in a proper manner. And to do so, you need to know about the tips and tricks that can help you while taking Demerol.

So, now it's time to have a look at some essential questions & answers associated with Demerol and its proper use;

What to know before taking Demerol?

Demerol is a medication that can cause drug addiction followed by strong drug dependence. Please do not take it for pains that can be cured with other non-opioid, over-the-counter medicines.

Careless consumption of Demerol can put you at a high risk of overdose and death. Even if you take your dosage correctly as prescribed, you are at risk of narcotic addiction, abuse, and other severe conditions.

Do not take Demerol Tablets or injections if you have a severe breathing problem or asthma.

Demerol is not good to use with MAO inhibitors like isocarboxazid, methylene blue injection, linezolid, rasagiline, etc. You should not take Demerol Tablets if you have taken an MAO inhibitor in the past two weeks.

Misuse of this medication can produce substantial euphoric effects that can result in drug addiction. The chances of drug abuse and addiction are more likely to occur in children or other individuals taking Demerol for non-medical purposes.

Always buy Demerol online to avoid the risk of fake products that can cause severe health issues. Taking Demerol with other potent drugs can lead to drug interaction and release some unpleasant effects in your body.

You should not take Demerol if you are allergic to opioids or have a;

  • Blockage in your stomach or intestine;
  • Asthma or breathing problems

To make sure Demerol is safe for you, tell your instructor if you have or ever had;

  • Sleep apnea
  • Brain tumor, head injury, or seizures
  • Urination or problems
  • Liver or kidney disease
  • Breathing problem
  • Mental illness, or drug or alcohol addiction
  • Long QT syndrome, etc.

For more information on diseases that Demerol can affect, contact your healthcare provider.

How to take Demerol?

It is vital to take Demerol adequately precisely as your doctor has prescribed. Read the following points to understand things that you can do while taking a drug like Demerol.

  •  Take Demerol tablets by mouth with or without food. You should take it with food if you have a stomach problem.
  • If you take Demerol at home, read your prescription label or dosage guide very carefully before or while taking Demerol.
  • Your dosage must be based on your medical condition and how your body responds to opioids. You should not increase or switch your dose without a recommendation by your doctor or pharmacist.
  • Pain medicines like Demerol work best if they are taken as the first sign of pain occurs. If you wait until the condition has worsened, Demerol may not work as well.
  • Never take Demerol in more significant amounts or for a more extended period than prescribed. Inform your doctor or pharmacist if you experience an increased urge for drug use.
  • Never crush, chew or break a Demerol tablet. This can cause overdoses or produce long-lasting euphoric effects.

For more information, please consult with your doctor/pharmacist.

Demerol Dosage

Usual adult dose for pain:

50 mg to 150 mg orally (every three to four hours as needed)

Maximum dose: 600 mg per day

Usual pediatric dose for pain:

Initial dose: 1.1 mg to 1.8 mg orally (every three to four hours as needed)

Maximum single dose: 50 mg to 150 mg

Maximum daily dose: 600 mg

What to avoid while taking Demerol?

Breastfeeding: Taking Demerol while nursing a baby can be dangerous for the kid. The drug can pass through your breast milk and affect your baby's system. This can lead to severe unpleasant withdrawal symptoms.

Driving or operating a machine: Opioids like Demerol can produce dizziness that is unsuitable for using a high-weighted device or driving a bus or a car. It would help if you did not drive or operate a machine after taking Demerol.

Demerol in pregnancy: Using Demerol during pregnancy can affect the fetus and cause-specific disabilities in your unborn baby. Therefore, pregnant ladies should avoid using this opioid.

Combining Demerol with other substances: You should not mix Demerol with alcohol or any other similar drug. This can result in a drug overdose.

Over or more frequent doses: Over or more frequent doses may also cause substance overdose symptoms. Please do not take Demerol through more frequent doses.

Sudden discontinuation: Do not stop using Demerol suddenly after consuming it for a more extended period. Premature discontinuation of such narcotic products may cause drug withdrawal symptoms.

Demerol side effects

Severe side effects

  • Slow heartbeats, breathing that stops during sleep (sleep apnea)
  • Severe drowsiness
  • Mood changes and confusion
  • Severe constipation
  • Uncontrollable muscle movements, tremors, and seizures
  • Low cortisol levels like nausea, loss of appetite, vomiting, and dizziness

Common side effects

  • Dizziness
  • Drowsiness
  • Vomiting
  • Sweating
  • Nausea

Common side effects do not need any special treatment. They go on their own after a period of 2 to 3 days. Call your pharmacist if they stay longer.

Severe side effects are rare but can cause some serious trouble for your health.

Contact your doctor immediately after experiencing a sign of severe side effects.

What drugs interact with Demerol?

Certain drugs can be dangerous after combining with Demerol, do not take the following medicines while taking a treatment with Demerol.

  • Other narcotic drugs
  • Drugs that affect serotonin levels in the body.
  • Pills that make you sleepy or slow your breathing
  • Sedatives like Valium

For more queries or to buy Demerol online, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.